Advent 16# Jesus and the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry earns money with the human body and its illnesses. Every therapy, that prevents and heals these illnesses, can either be sold profitable at the market or they can destroy the commercial basis. Therefore medicine is sold on the one hand promotionally successful, but on the other hand there are forces that hinder the use of medicine. The tactics depends on the benefits.

Jesus was a danger for everyone in the business of health care. He had 100 per cent success with his methods of treatment. His focus was angrily not on one sickness. He healed people with all major diseases. To make matters worse, he doesn’t invoice the treatment. The people loved him for this. By the way, people can get healed through prayer today. But don’t tell this to the chiefs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Advent 15# Jesus a gangster

Jesus is like a „gangster“. He is using all possible means to chase after his beloved humanity. He will use all possible means to “catch” them. It’s his will, that we’re taking shelter under God’s authority and lordship. It’s his will, that we give up everything for him and “fight” for his kingdom. He will see a wild, unpleasant movement of servants. A people movement, that is fighting for peace; a people movement, that is serving the poor and outlaws; a people movement, that is supporting the integrity of creation; a people movement, that is not only talking about love your neighbor, but doing it; a people movement, that is taking a stand for people and against injustice.

Advent 14# Jesus goes off his head

Jesus showed his emotions. He showed mercy for the sick, the outlaws and the disoriented ones.  At the same time he had a serious and frightening character. He healed the sick and did various miracles just as he became angry and sad as he saw, that people changed the temple into a shopping-centre. Both belongs to Jesus and must not be dissociated from each other. Jesus loves the world filled with passion, but he is also full of anger about transgressions of his law. Jesus didn’t act in a way, that he regret it, but with eager for God’s will. The comings and goings at the temple shows the egoism of humankind at a place, that his dedicated to worship God. The people made money instead of praying and worshiping. Here Jesus went off his head.

Advent 13# Jesus, the agony aunt

It seems to be a problem of our society, that more and more people think of nothing but themselfs and at the same time ignore and overlook the cry for helps of friends. But He is different!

Whether lovesickness, stressful relationships, loneliness, trouble in school and job, life crisis, medical conditions or the like… You have sorrows or problems? He helps you! Get in touch with him und tell him, what troubles your heart, and He will help you in his friendly way. Let’s go, don’t wait any longer and talk about your problems. So you will solve your problems together with him. He always has time for you and relieves your worries (1Peter 5:6-7).

Advent 11# Coach Jesus

Jesus was a coach. During his ministry he mainly invested in people. Jesus didn’t build churches. He didn’t seek for positions. Jesus taught and coached people instead. At the beginning of his ministry he chose 12 pupils. He travelled with them (they were teenagers) across the country. He hung around with them. Thereby they got to know each other better.  Jesus taught his disciples. He set an example, guided them and caused them to make their own experiences. His disciples could study their master, could listen to them how he taught the people and healed the sick. His slogan was »Training-On-the-Job«. He was an example in everything. His desire was to shape their character. Honesty and humility were important. The persons they became was more important than what they could do and say.

Advent 10# Jesus provokes

We watch out for vengeance, but He says: Forgive and it’s mine to avenge; I will repay!
We are afraid, but He says: Be fearless!
We are doubt his goodness, but He says: Trust me!
We would like to live self-determined, but He says: Com, follow me and you will find true happiness!
We make our own plans, but He says: I have got a much better plan for you!
We seek for properties, money and pleasures, but He says: Money, properties and pleasures are alright, when I’m in the first place.
We think it´s best to make it on our own but He says: Your power is not enough!
We play the big boss, but He says: The greatest among you will be your servant!
We would like to understand and comprehend everything, but He says: Believe!

Peter reached for his sword and cut off the ear of a soldier, but He said: Put down your sword and then he healed that man.
His followers kept the children away from him, but He said: Let them come to me, and learn from them!
The Pharisees were obsessed with appearances, but He said to them: What counts is the heart!
The people ostracized prostitutes and tax collectors, but He hung around with them!
The Pharisees ostracized an adulteress, but He loved her.
Women had a lower profile in society, but He gave them a significant role.

Jesus provoked! He didn’t provoke to attract attention. He provoked at the right time in the right place. He provoked when people misunderstood God and to decry social ills.

Advent 09# Financial advice by Jesus

An ordinary financial advisor consults clients about funds, credits and insurances. Usually they start with basic financial security and wealth building right through to capital investment. Thereby is expected that the money will increase on its own by a clever invest.

It is amazing how often Jesus talks about finances. He shows detailed knowledge about the world of finances in his parables. Therefore he must have had insider information. Particularly favoured he speaks about the fascination of money. He talks about the almost erotic relationship of many people to their money.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Mt 6:21). Jesus raised no objection against money and wealth. But the love of money and greed is the Evil. That’s the reason why the increase of money doesn’t bring happiness. Therefore Jesus consults his clients about eternal-life-insurance, sharing and sustainable investment and development.

Advent 08# Jesus pulls an all-nighter

In the morning they hardly drag themselves out of bed. They wake up, when others pack up work. Then they forget about the time, they burn the candle at both ends. The night owls.

Jesus was one of those persons, you could even roust out of bed at 3 am. in  case of need. A man out of the circle of the Pharisees, who didn´t have the heart to speak to Jesus during the day in public, knocks at Jesus´ door in the middle of the night to ask all of his burning questions. Jesus wasn´t irritated or hacked off. He made time for the man and told him about God´s boundless love.

Advent 07# Jesus operates calming

Everyone has his own strategy to find their peace of mind. Valerian, Melissa, St. John’s wort or jasmine, calm music, a bath e.g. with lavender or other essences, relaxation exercises… A lot of things operate to calm down! Someone was even in stormy times calming – Jesus. He slept while his friends fought against a storm. After they woke him up he stretched his arms and the storm ceased. Peace enters. Until today Jesus operates calming.

Advent 06# Jesus weeps

The shortest verse from the Bible is composed of the two words: Jesus wept (NIV, KJV; John 11,35). Jesus weeps at the grave of his departed friend Lazarus.  He weeps with the mourning family. He weeps, because he feels the tears of this world. He weeps because he feels the grief of the people which is deep in their hearts and he weeps for the hopelessness of many tears. In sum: Jesus weeps, because he sees every single tear.

Later a prostitute comes to Jesus and pours out precious perfume over him and her tears of misery about her bungled life fall over his feet. And what does Jesus? He let it happen. She could show her grief and despair to him. Jesus lifts her up and relieves that woman of her burden! Her tears become the beginning of a new life. At the feet of Jesus they transform: tears of grief change into tears of joy.