Wie wir unsere Beziehung zu Jesus leben sollten wir immer wieder überdenken und dabei ehrlich sein. Folgende Textpassage kann dazu anregen:

„No. I don`t have any doubts about God or anything; it`s just me. I feel like I am constantly saying things I don`t mean. I tell people they should share their faith, but I don`t feel like sharing my faith. I tell people they should be in the Word, but I am only in the Word because I have to teach the Word. I said to a guy the other day, `God bless you.` What does that mean? I have been saying that stuff all my life, but what does that mean? Then I started thinking about all the crap I say. All the cliches, all the parroted slogans. I have become an infomercial for God, and I don`t even use the product. I don`t want to be who I am anymore.”

Donald Miller in Blue like jazz

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